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Steve Bacic
Steve Bacic in Forced PerspectiveSteve Bacic portrays Telemachus Rhade. Bacic has been with Andromeda since its first season in dual recurring roles (Gaheris Rhade/Telemachus Rhade) and has become a fan favorite, earning him a dedicated following in the Sci-Fi world, including being voted Most Attractive Actor in Sci-Fi in viewer polls.

As Gaheris Rhade, Steve has appeared in several episodes including Under the Night, Double Helix, and Forced Perspective.  He appeared as Telemachus Rhade in the episode Home Fires.

Steve has appeared in an episode of Mysterious Ways.

He was in the independent film Backburn, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004.

Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Bacicís career began with a guest-starring role on 21 Jump Street, and he has continued to build his resume with an impressive array of lead, guest star and recurring roles in both television and feature films.

Steve's birthday is March 13.

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