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Beka Valentine
Beka ValentineLisa Ryder as Beka ValentineBeka Valentine is the Captain of the Eureka Maru, a salvage ship.  As well, she is now the first officer of the Andromeda Ascendant under the command of Captain Dylan Hunt.

From the official site:
Rebecca ("Beka") Valentine is human but has never lived on a planet. The daughter of a small-time cargo runner and occasional smuggler, Beka grew up on a ship roaming space and has spent her entire life searching for the big score and the fat payday.

She is now first officer of the Andromeda Ascendant, as well as commander of her own small cargo ship, the Eureka Maru. She's fiercely loyal to her crew and ship, but follows her own shadowy code. Though she remains deeply skeptical of Dylan's quest to restore the Commonwealth, she takes her duty as his first officer seriously. She'd lay down her life before she'd let him down. As Andromeda's best pilot, she's gotten him out of more than one scrape, and continues to prove herself a valued member of the crew.

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