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William B. Davis
William B. Davis appears in the second season episode Pitiless as the Sun as Professor Logich.William B. Davis

From the official site:
The truth is out there -- the truth about Andromeda's own mysterious alien Trance Gemini. The man who thinks he can find it is none other The X-Files' William B. Davis. Davis, an acclaimed veteran of stage and screen who's known to millions worldwide as the X-Files' sinister "Cigarette Smoking Man," is set to guest star on Andromeda as Professor Logitch, a seemingly mild-mannered academic who's determined to uncover the secret behind Trance's origins and unknown agenda.

But can Logitch discover the truth, or will he instead encounter another layer of deception and misdirection from the outwardly innocent yet surprisingly cagey Trance?

The screencaps are from Lady Maigrey's Andromeda page.