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Dylan Hunt
Dylan HuntDylan Hunt is the Captain of the Andromeda Ascendant.  He is the last of the High Guard, and it is his dream to rebuild the Commonwealth.  When he became trapped in the black hole, Dylan left behind a fiancée.

From the official site:
Captain Dylan Hunt, a human from Tarn-Vedra, began his career with the Systems Commonwealth more than 300 years ago. As with all High Guard officers, Hunt started his career as an enlisted man. Serving a year in his local Home Guard unit on Tarn-Vedra and another as a spacer in the High Guard Argosy, Hunt was then selected to attend the High Guard Academy, Tarn-Vedra branch.

During his studies, shipboard tours of duty alternated with post-graduate stints at the Antares Command Lyceum, the Advanced Studies program on Patterson's World and the Imperial Strategy College on Tarn-Vedra. He graduated with honors as an officer in the Argosy.

His command of the Andromeda Ascendant was the latest in his impressive career path when fate intervened. When he and the Andromeda Ascendant were pulled from the event horizon of a black hole by Beka Valentine in the Eureka Maru, Hunt discovered that the passage of 303 years had robbed him of his family, his much loved fiancée - his entire world and way of life. Hunt's extensive training prepared him for a career protecting civilization, but now as the High Guard's last surviving captain, he's taken on the new mission of restoring it.

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