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Dance of the Mayflies
The new TranceOkay, I liked this episode.  I have to say that right off the top - I liked it.  This is in spite of the fact that I missed the first 15 minutes or so in order to watch Canada take Gold and Silver in Speed Skating.

Favourite scenes/lines:
Tyr's response when Dylan told him Beka was infected - I loved how he hemmed and hawed over revising his original suggestion
This is creepy.  Very creepy.
- Dylan
You freak me out, you know that.  You really freak me out.
- Dylan to Trance
I hate zombies.
- Beka
Trance's response of "Yes" to Dylan's question "Are you dead or alive?"
Crystal clear as usual.
- Dylan about Trance's answer
THE KISS - sure it was just on the cheek, but I loved that entire scene.

From the official site:
The Andromeda is invaded by a mutant species.

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