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Brandy Ledford
Brandy Ledford as DoyleBrandy Ledford stars as Doyle, the crew's loyal android. Ledford has enjoyed a long and diverse career. From classical theater to sitcoms, and from television drama to major film roles, Ledford has mastered her craft and enjoyed success as a Hollywood regular.

She will next be seen as action star Lynn McAllister in the independent television film Faultline, still in production.  Ledford is no stranger to the small screen, having been a lead in the mega television hit, Baywatch: Hawaii for two seasons, as well as a series regular on the syndicated hit The Invisible Man. Ledford has also appeared in many television guest starring roles on such hits as Smallville, The Drew Carey Show, Married… with Children, and Stargate SG-1.

A California native, Ledford began her career in theater, where her love of acting was born. She got lead roles in great productions such as The Importance of Being Earnest and Taken in Marriage. But Ledford quickly ascended to the rank of film actor, winning dramatic roles in major blockbusters such as Demolition Man, Indecent Behavior, and Rat Race.

Though a proven professional, Ledford continues to hone her craft, studying acting and taking challenging and contrasting roles.

Currently residing in Vancouver, Ledford enjoys the adventurous sports of snow-boarding and kickboxing as well as singing, dancing and writing. In her life quest to be of service to others, Ledford spends time mentoring young girls to be fit, healthy and self-loving.

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