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Rev Bem
Rev BemFrom the official site:
Rev (as in Reverend) Bem (as in Bug Eyed Monster), a Magog, has a real name, but it's an unpronounceable screech in his native language. The closest English translation is Red Plague.

Savage, predatory and voracious, the Magog are feared throughout the known worlds - except for the few who, like Rev Bem, have found religion. Rev Bem is a convert to an amalgam of human faiths called "Wayism."

He is a scientist, a scholar, and one of the kindest souls one could meet. Rev Bem eagerly embraces Dylan's mission to the resurrect the Commonwealth, seeing it and the spread of Wayism as mutually complimentary goals.

Rev Bem is at constant war with his own Magog nature, and it's only the force of his faith that gives him the gentleness and discipline needed to overcome his instincts to kill and devour his crewmate friends, or make them the unwilling hosts for his progeny.

Rev Bem serves as Andromeda's unofficial science officer, translator, as well as spiritual adviser and valuable sounding board to Dylan and the rest of the crew.

From me:
In the episode Ourobourous he is referred to as the ships theoretical physicist and resident psychologist.  This is also the episode in which Rev Bem leaves the Andromeda to seek his own answers to the problems plaguing him since visiting the Magog homeworld (see The Widening Gyre).  Rev Bem actually stands for Reverend Behemial.

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