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Michael Shanks
Michael ShanksMichael Shanks as The Balance of JudgementIn the sci-fi community Michael Shanks is most well-known for his portrayal of Dr. Daniel Jackson on the series Stargate SG-1.  In Andromeda's first season he appears as Gabriel, the human avatar of The Balance of Judgement, in the episode Star-Crossed and he reprises this role in the third season episode Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath.

From the official site:
Stargate - SGI's Michael Shanks spent a few days in the Andromeda universe during Season 1 where he played a love interest for Rommie, the ship's android avatar.Michael Shanks as Gabriel

Shanks plays the archeologist Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate - SG1, but on Andromeda he took on a very different character.

Gabriel was the avatar for a dangerous old High Guard ship that stole Andromeda's heart. Unfortunately, he turned out to be less-than trustworthy in other ways as well.

Shanks has numerous stage credits to his name. He made his film debut in the feature film Call of the Wild and has guest starred on such television series as The Commish, Highlander, and the critically acclaimed The Outer Limits.

From the Stargate Official Site:
Michael Shanks as Stargate's Dr. Daniel JacksonDr. Daniel Jackson is an anthropologist and linguist. He is an expert in ancient cultures and languages in addition to current ones; he speaks over 20 languages including ancient Egyptian. His humanistic liberal approach is often in conflict with O'Neill's militaristic approach. Some see him as a soft, brainy, clumsy scientist who carries a wide-eyed enthusiasm with him through every mission. Jackson became a bit of a deity to the people of Abydos, the planet he chose to stay on during the original feature film. Originally, he was contracted by the military to decipher a mysterious hieroglyphic cartouche. His subsequent translation of the cartouche allowed the Stargate to be opened for the first time.

A native of Vancouver, Michael Shanks studied Commerce before deciding to pursue his true passion, acting at the University of B.C. where he graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Upon graduation he performed at the world renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival for two seasons. His performances there included Lorenzo in Merchant of Venice, Menteith in Macbeth as well as roles in King Lear, Amadeus and The Merry Wives of Windsor. Other theater credits include Love of the Nightingale, Translations, Wait Until Dark, and Loves Labors Lost.

Shanks made his film debut in the feature Call of the Wild and has guest starred on such television series as The Commish, Highlander, University Hospital and the critically acclaimed The Outer Limits. Television movie credits include A Family Divided and the Mini-Series Eye Level and most recently, Escape from Mars for UPN.

During this a hiatus from Stargate, Michael starred in the acclaimed Arts Club Production of Hamlet which ran for five weeks.