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Trance Gemini
Trance GeminiNot much is known about the one called Trance Gemini.  None of the crew of the Andromeda has ever seen her species before.  She is energetic and cheerful and appears to have slight prescient abilities--she was able to find the planet that Dylan and Rommie were imprisoned on and she won a vast amount of money when gambling.

From the official site:
The most mysterious member of Dylan's crew is Trance Gemini, a beautiful young female alien of a completely unknown species. Trance doesn't like to speak about her people or her past, and her crewmates have mostly given up asking.

The new TranceShe manifests a startling ability to predict possible outcomes. Can she see the future, or is she just adept at making lucky guesses? Only Trance knows for sure, and she's not talking. Trance serves as life support officer as well as the crew's botanist, xenobiologist, make-do medic, and when necessary, spy and thief.

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