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Gordon Michael Woolvett
Gordon Michael Woolvett as Seamus HarperGordon Michael Woolvett portrays Seamus Harper, resident fix-it man and the starship's caretaker.

Gordon was born June 12th 1970, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He began his acting career at age 12, attending the Theatre Aquarius. He has performed in commericals, theatre, tv & movies. He has an older brother named Jaimz.
He was nominated for a Gemini award (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmys) for his role of a cancer patient in the television movie Princes in Exile.

In his free time he likes to write, especially Science Fiction.

I learned the following from Starlog #296:
Gordon Michael Woolvett and his wife Michele Morand recently had a son, named Rogan.  His pregnant wife appeared in the second season episode Last Call at the Broken Hammer.  By trade Michele is an actress and model.

"All of the characters are evolving," Woolvett claims.  "Harper got to tell plenty of jokes in the first year, but they're trying to challenge me dramatically a little more this season.  They're bringing out this deep-seated angry guy, so we're getting to find out about some of the personal reasons why Harper covers everything up with humor, because below that humor is a really tough firecracker ready to kick some butt.  Plus, there are some major Gordon Michael Woolvett as Reb Andersonrepercussions from last season's finale that I hope Harper overcomes, because I would like them to renew my contract?"

His first film role was as James Woods' son in Joshua Then and Now.  Other films include Bordertown Cafe, X-Rated, Bram Stoker's Shadow Builder, The Highwayman, and Bride of Chucky which co-starred Katherine Heigl of Roswell.  Television work includes My Secret Identity, Forever Knight, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Mysterious Island, Sliders ("The Young and the Relentless"), and Psi-Factor, and he hosted the Nickelodeon series Wildside.  His first major genre role occurred in 1997 when he landed the role of Reb in Deepwater Black better known as Mission Genesis, which also starred Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax on the final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).

Woolvett is a self-confessed genre fan of long standing.  "I'm into SF," he admits.  "I used to be able to name any Star Trek: The Next Generation episode within its first 10 second."

Gordon Michael Woolvett with Nicole de Boer in DWB/Mission GenesisFrom the official site:
Gemini Award nominated actor Woolvett joins Andromeda with an extensive list of both film and television credits. Most recently, Woolvett starred in a number of feature films including Bride of Chucky by Universal and the upcoming Clutch by Oasis Entertainment, among others.

Woolvett's television credits include starring roles in Mysterious Island by Family Channel USA and Mission Genesis (also called Deepwater Black) by USA & Sci-fi Channel Networks, as well as host of Wildside by Nickelodeon, a wildlife adventure series. He has also made guest appearances on such series as PSI Factor by Atlantis, FX: The Series by Rysher/Fireworks, Sliders by Fox and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues by Warner Bros. Woolvett starred in numerous made for television movies including Ultimate Deception by USA, Taken Away by CBS, Mind Games by ABC and various others.

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